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Oh be careful little mouth what you speak..

Oh, the troubles our mouths can get us into…

As adults, we know full well the moments we have spouted off to someone when frustrated or tired. The times that we’ve been drawn in, to whatever chaos, and out of anger we blast out our fire-laced harshness for all the world to hear! Of course when we’re “IN” the moment, we could care less who’s listening, ’cause quite frankly, EVERYONE should be tuning in to the wisdoms we’re shouting as ‘they’re’ the ones who need it the most! Right..??!

Last night in church (yes, church. because isn’t that the place we ALL want our haughty mouths displayed?! (insert eye roll here)), my children and I were standing during the worship time of music. I’m singing..two out of four of my children are singing.. and then I hear something come out of the mouth of one of my non-singing children to his sister. “you look like a Bergen”.



Do you even know what a Bergen is? It stopped me in my tracks. Couldn’t even tell you the song I was just worshiping to milliseconds before.. BERGEN. Impressive. And new! That wasn’t the usual ‘dummie’ or ‘dork’. ‘You look like a Bergen’ was truly ribbon worthy in this family. I’m telling you! Do you know what they look like..?? Here. Let me show you:


These. THESE are Bergens. From the movie TROLLS. A movie we haven’t even seen recently. To pull out the Bergen diss, my un-singing child was showing off some true skillz! Crazy teethed, wart sprinkled bergens. What could be more offensive to a little kindergarten girl still learning to read? I tell ya. We are proud as proud could be of our little blessings and their advanced repertoire of encouraging words. Yes, build each other up! Speak life over one another! We are doing EXCELLENT!! (sigh that only a mother can sigh..).

Mouths. They speaketh what enters the heart. Could be that you’ve been growling like a Bergen lately too..? Let’s all take a moment and re-group. “Slow to anger” and “slow to speak” is what the Bible tells us. If we find our temperaments steaming like a little tea pot lately. Remove yourself from the fire and steal some moments to meet with your Creator. His Word and His counsel can bring about mouth-changing things if we’ll allow it. Let’s pray towards that for ALL our sakes 🙂



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