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Yes or No

Do we learn more from the YES’s or from the NO’s? (and for those who struggle with words that end in S, the Oxford Dictionary refrains from talking about a plural form of Yes. And the Webster’s Dictionary says go with yeses or yesses. But I just can’t. #rebel).
So yes or no.

A yes is always easier to hear. Don’t you think? I mean, if we’re askinnnnng..we’d kinda like to get a yes? And when that ‘no’ comes back. We’re hurt. We get mad. ‘Why’!?, we say. What NOW??

Maybe instead of the ‘what now?’ which is kind of a demanding, stamp your foot kind of thing..we should say, “what’s next”!? Call me crazy, but with every NO I’ve ever been life has not ended. I didn’t cease to exist. It didn’t mortally wound me. The NO led me down another path. One I’m pretty certain I would not have taken if given the yes.

No’s are not always the end, beloved. Quite often, they can lead to our brightest beginnings.💕

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