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Are you an Abigail?

We read in the book of 1 Samuel about a woman named Abigail. She is described as being ‘good in discretion and beautiful in form’. She was, however, married to a man named Nabal who’s name meant ‘fool’. How did a catch like Abigail end up with a jerk like Nabal? (take a look around..i’m certain we all may know a few couples that are quite similar in form). But in Abigail’s day, marriages were still being arranged. And it could be that she was betrothed to Nabal due to his large wealth and what he brought to the table.

Regardless of the marriage arrangement..he goes on to bring TROUBLE for Abigail and all of their household. Nabal insults David in a pretty ‘in-your-face’ kind of way. And David (who will one day rule as king), is ticked. To the point of instantly commanding 400 of his men to strap on their swords with the intent of killing every single male connected to Nabal.

A servant of Nabal’s goes to find Abigail and tell her what has happened. And you know what she does? She listens.

Novel idea isn’t it, listening? As we saw yesterday in the Bergen story, we ARE instructed to be slow to anger and slow to speak..but the next part of that important verse in James says:

“..for man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires”. (James 1:20)

Abigail is quick to diffuse the anger of David. She reminds him that a moment of anger can deeply wound the rightness of the path to which God is calling him. Abigail is wise in how she sets about protecting those around her. She is courageous in stepping out in faith. And she doesn’t hesitate, but takes responsibility for what’s been done and sets to action to make right the wrongs that have been committed. All she asks, is to be ‘remembered’.

You know, we might be pulled into struggles that aren’t our fault or asked for.. But how we play the cards we’re dealt, is on us. Do we quickly spout-off like the fool named ‘Nabal’? Or are we seeking to be discreet and wise in the ways we operate? For Abigail, she is no longer bound to a senseless man with a bad reputation. Instead, because of how she conducts herself, she becomes the wife of a king.

Straighten your crown, beloved. And may we all walk worthy of the GOD who certainly is ABLE in every situation..


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