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Are You Keeping Up?!

Are You Keeping Up??

How many scrap-bookers do we have out there?!💁🏻

Ladies, you are AMAZING!! If no one ever affirms you for having drawers over flowing with multi-printed papers, tags and stickers.. please allow me to do that for you NOW!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

I am not one of you. Though I longed to try at one (or four) times in my ‘still-oh-so-young’ life.. The books of pretty papers and charms would always wind up in our yard sales🙄

And now here I am, with zippo photo albums and nothing cutely organized or displayed for my children to treasure. I have the Baby Books that you get before the babies are born! Or, kind of.. I think the 3rd or 4th one was actually a Gerber book I got free in the mail.. But, I wrote in it! ..a couple of pages, anyway?

And the cards.. You know those “I’m Growing” cards you get at the pediatrician’s office? The ones that give the height and weight at each mile stone? I’m confident I still have them!! They’re just tucked inside pockets of old diaper bags and purses stashed in the bottom of boxes or closets?!

Mothers Day is approaching. And my fear is, if I’m not documenting all of the incredible photo-worthy moments of my caring for my children..they may forget to return the favors after they’ve placed me in a nursing home (or loony bin), whichever they drive me to first!

I at least need one good collaged-picture frame to showcase blessed memories of my staying up all night providing loving-motherly-services. Such as hot-glueing Bubble-Gum!🍬


If the lives of our children are blessed with longevity, it’s all of our prayers that they WILL indeed grow in ‘wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man’ (Luke 2:52), just as Jesus did.

..and as they do, for them to be able to recall those incredible moments of being nominated for something and their Momma REJOICING with them..and LISTENING to their excited campaign plans..and BUYING more sharpies, because truly, our family could circle the earth with lined-up colored markers 3 TIMES..and no good poster is worth looking at unless it contains CANDY..and yes, it seems we need more glue sticks, because frankly, it’s our drug of choice in this family and we HOT GLUE everything!! So, fashionista scrap-booker, I may never be. But if I play my bubble-gum wrappers right, just maybe I’ll have a former fifth grade mayoral-candidate for a son. And prayerfully one day he’ll come visit me in my little lonely room..to look at his picture now enclosed in glass..and whisper a ‘thanks mom..i love you’..


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