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Before It Happened..

What captures your family? What are the pictures and memories that will be left behind for others to see of the life you lived?

When loved ones die, we immediately begin the search for pictures of them. Visual remembrances that tell their story. A story that most will never hear, other than close family, friends and co-workers of the deceased. Surely, they knew them..

But what are your images going to be? That visual storybook that tells of how you filled your time? Did you live your life well? Did you spend your moments pouring into others around you? Sharing what you know (and have) with younger people who will prayerfully out-live you and possibly one day be left to remember your story?

My children might not remember the heat or the hot sand under their feet..but I do pray they remember the unity of belonging..of parents who were always in their corner..of laughter and wide open spaces to dream..of knowing a Savior that lived and died for them..and rose again that they, too have a hope and a plan for their lives..and of not just knowing love..but of being loved and being loved well. THAT is a picture I’d like to leave behind..

how about you..?


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