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Eat The Frog

What’s something you’ve been putting off…?? A chore you’ve dreaded doing? A confrontation you’ve been avoiding? For me..it’s been the library! And when I say library, I don’t mean my own. I’m referring to the brick building that sits in town close to the baseball fields. The place I have carried my children since birth (and on some rambunctious days vowed never to enter again until they turned 18!!). We love the summer reading program there! And blessedly my children have enjoyed many a treat from participating in their drawings and activities, including free meals at the Rain Forest Cafe and Aquarium Restaurant in Opry Mills (SWEET!!) But my love for the library turned bitter when I discovered we had lost a book.. A BOOK?!!!😱 We LOST ONE OF THEIR BOOKS?!!!!😣 “Who checked it out?!!!”..”WHERE DID YOU TAKE IT?!!”.. “It’s GOTTA be here SOMEWHERE!!”..

No place. We looked everywhere. Couldn’t find this book anywhere.. I couldn’t remember whose library card we had used last??! With six people in our family, I never know who proudly plopped theirs onto that library counter. No doubt they had their chest puffed out, waving to everyone in the building as if to say “free cost on Me!! Books All Around!!”🙋🏻‍♂️👏🏼 Darn my friendly reading children! Now we were sentenced to darkness and shame from the librarians on duty! ….I’m afraid to have them pull up our cards..they’ll know what we’ve done!! Or worse..they’ll see the $15 late fee on those ridiculous DVD’s I forgot to return on time!! (“We’re NEVER checking out another movie here!”, I tell my kids).

So we stopped. We closed the chapter on our beautiful love affair with the Library. And I turned to Amazon to now feed our reading habit..but that was very short lived as it cost a fortune to buy books my children would breeze through in one sitting!🙄💰 And then it happened!!! The long lost book appeared!! Out of nowhere!! In December!! My blessed children had unearthed it from the deep abysses they call their bedrooms!! All could be right in the world again! ..or could it? No. Now I was fearful of the late fees. Of the going back in and bringing it all back to light.. I neglected doing it. For FIVE more months!! We didn’t go to the library the entire school year! I’m still amazed at that one😏 But NOW the Summer Reading Program was beginning. The Fan Favorite in our home. “Just DO It!” I told myself..what’s the worst that can happen? You drop a $20 and cover the cost of the silly 10 page book??! (Yeah, ten pages. That’s all this skinny dagger in my side was..ten tinsy-tiny pages..what is WRONG with me?!!).

We go. I send my kids off to the back to register, while Mommy begs for mercy at the front desk with the head librarian.. and guess what? There was no charge. There was no fine. In fact, there was no BOOK. This entire year, the thing I worried over in the back of my mind, had never even been entered into their system?!!! They had missed scanning it! Or my children had missed removing it from their sweet clutches to let the front desk clerk check it out!? WHAT?!! No beheading? No spotlight of shame in front of all the other angelic-winged reader families??!! 🙌🏼??!!!! I couldn’t believe it.
I should have just “eaten the frog” as my sister-in-law advised..just get it over with and behind you!

Your book may not be MIA, beloved. But if you’re putting off addressing a certain issue or dealing with something in your life..step out. Be bold. And allow God to help you resolve whatever it is, knowing He has His best always in mind for you. And if it’s a library issue, please be reminded: books are due back in two weeks and DVD’s in one!👍🏼
Love you guys!


2 thoughts on “Eat The Frog”

  1. What a fun post. Definitely made me smile. I’m not one for procrastinating, so I don’t think there’s anything I’m putting off, but you’re post does have me thinking. 😊 Have a good rest of the weekend!
    – Christine

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