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Bliss or Bless?

Bliss: (informal)
To reach a state of perfect happiness, typically so as to be oblivious of everything else.
“blissed-out hippies”

WELL… I do not think that I should be characterized a “hippie”.. but I DO, however, aspire to be blissful. And ‘oblivious of everything else’. What a fantastic word – bliss.

This book caught my eye as the children were at the library today. I loved the colors. I loved the homey-warmth, almost Christmas-like feeling to it. And the word that jumped out in chubby gold script. Bliss.

Inside, this book was to tell of a leather bound Cookery Booke filled with enchanted recipes such as Singing Gingersnaps and Love Muffins. Also, Cookies of Truth that would make the staunchest of liars be honest. Ohhhhhhh, wouldn’t that be Great!!? And then again, do we always want to know the truth behind things..? Sometimes bliss and happiness can come from the not-knowing-moments of our lives. What we don’t know can’t hurt us. Right?

Bliss isnt necessarily called by name in the Bible. But it’s friends are.. You know, JOY. BLESSINGS. OBEDIENCE. The fruits of the Spirit even. Many things lead to a blissful life. One that is rich in the moment and sprinkled with dashes of love..

“Lord, thank you for your countless blessings. For the threads of joy that you continuously weave into the tapestries of our lives. May we ever seek to find them that we never cease to be reminded of Your greatness and attentive eye to every detail of our days.”




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