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Wild Ox..anyone?

Been in the trenches lately? It’s track-stopping to look about and see those standing so near who are encamped on the front lines of battle. Oh, they may not be soldiers dressed in camouflage with weapons strapped onto their sides. Most likely, they’re the type to look totally put-together, yet the bags under their eyes…their not so peppy step..a little dash of something is missing and in an ‘off moment’ you glimpse their exhaustion. You see the pain. The fight they’ve been fighting for so, so long..finally beginning to take its toll.

I’m thankful for these bodies that mask our inner scars. To wear a cast or walk with a cane..those things are accepted. But to bare our true selves to the world. To show the dents in our spirit. To display the rejection, the loss, the anger we feel..

The strongest warriors I’ve ever known are the ones who fought their battles on their knees. They didn’t walk around picking fights..calling out others by their short-comings. Rather, they called the devil out himself. They knew the Word of the Lord and they drew back HIS sword to engage the enemy. And you know what? They found their strength was not in themselves, but in God.

HE’s created you to be a fighter, Beloved. Whatever Goliath is standing in your way..just know that with God you CAN continue to draw your aim. You CAN keep getting back up again. And again. Keep Going. Keep pushing. And the Lord your God WILL be with you.👊🏼💪🏼

“God brought them out of Egypt; they have the strength of a wild ox”. Numbers 23:22


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