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Eat The Cotton Candy

Snippets of wisdom passed down from generation to generation.. Many from our Moms & Dads. Just little things they would say as they journeyed along the days of life.

“Your eyes will stick like that if you keep crossing them!”

“Always look both ways before crossing the street.”

And to those I would add.. “Always Eat The Cotton Candy!”

Don’t put it off waiting for that perfect moment to arrive when you think you can enjoy it more. SEIZE THE CANDY MOMENT. It is melt on your tongue yummy when it’s freshly spun and handed to you. A little puff of happy colored heaven twirled around something you can grasp in your hand. Enjoy it. Like NOW.

Delaying turns the sugary cloud to stale crunchies. It isn’t at all the same texture and experience of when it’s first gifted to you. I would argue that neither are the things God calls us to. There’s excitement and joy when God first hands us an assignment (or “calling“, if you will). And if we’re not careful we let our own fear and anxieties swirl around His assignment until it’s no longer the sweet invitation to join our Creator in something, but more like a drudgery that’s going to interfere with our life (which by the way..really isn’t about us at all).

So to my children, as they go through their days, I pray they heed these four little words of crystallized wisdom. Your cheerleader Mom says “EAT THE COTTON CANDY” and share it as you walk along with every single one you meet!💕💗 (and don’t forget to brush your teeth!🤓)



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