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Cathedral Building

Pouring into the cathedrals. Creating moments where TIME stops for just a little while. We pause the minutes to invest ourselves..our eye contact, our listening ears, our agendas.. powering off the background chaos to home-in on a special someone sitting RIGHT in front of us. Who is very worthy of our attention, our love, our smiles and our encouragements.

The Lord has blessed my husband and I with four cathedrals. And by cathedrals I mean children. You know, the skilled craftsmen that worked to build the great cathedrals and grand pieces of architecture of our lands labored knowing that they would never get to see the finished products.


The work needed to complete them would be much longer than one working man’s lifetime. So, why show up day after day and spend precious hours laboring over things that might never get seen or recognized..? Because GOD sees.

You and I may never get to live inside the cathedrals that we’re working to build as Moms & Dads. But the Lord says ‘if we build them well.. HE WILL’.

What cathedrals has God placed around you..and how can you pour into them this week?


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