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Life in the Dream House

Y’all. My daughter located a box bigger than she was in our attic storage upstairs. It looked so enticing that she called her older brothers to come and help her get it out? I see them carrying it down our staircase and the excitement on her face. To me..it was a tall unmarked box. But when they opened it… oh my mercy..they got my attention!

BARBIES. And not just any Barbies, these were my Barbies! The ones I grew up playing with! Countless hours and years spent with Malibu Barbie at the pool. With PJ, Work-Out Barbie and Kissing Barbie (she came with a lipstick stamp and puckered when you pressed the button on her back 💋) all hanging out in the 1977 Dream House. Do any of you remember it??


I still had every.single.piece. to put this baby together?!? What in the world?!! We misplace our shoes on a daily basis in this house!? And check out the stove?!!


I got the matching refrigerator that same Christmas and by the way that happens to be Kissing Barbie I was telling you about. She’s pictured there on the box. Who saves boxes?! Welllll…. apparently I did? Look at this!


I’m still trying to figure out the brace placement under the pool but y’all? The shower curtain didn’t even melt after all these years of storage?! And who had the McDonalds?!


My barbies were known far and wide for making up the BEST Big Mac’s in all of McDonald Land🍔 And I get to share all of this with my daughter Mae and her friends!


Strawberry Shortcake and Queen Elsa have already become regular guests! Mom, THANK YOU for not throwing these away..and further still, for teaching me about the ULTIMATE DREAMHOUSE that has many, many rooms and will be a glorious place to dwell for ALL of us who know the Lord..🙌🏼  Barbie world has nothing on that!!

Yet until that day.. You can find me here this summer. Seated in the floor of the pink room. Getting everything ready for the dance that I’m certain Ken and his friends are taking us to..💕

Who Remembers..??!


“My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?” (John 14:2)


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