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What are you seeking these days..?

There’s a short and sweet little chapter towards the end of 2 Chronicles.. it’s chapter 26. Pretty unassuming number, right? Right! Until…you get to verse five. You see in that fifth verse, there’s a sentence that captures your attention.. and it goes like this:

“As long as he sought the Lord, God gave him success.”

Pause-Inspiring isn’t it?

If you read that little chapter (and I hope you do! If for no other reason than to open your Bible and highlight that verse..) you’ll hear about Uzziah becoming king at the age of sixteen. The next four paragraphs tell us of the blessings and conquests this young man will go on to see..the wars he won, the towers he built, the favor of God he enjoyed..  and then the judgement. You see, Uzziah, like many of us, got away from acknowledging the source from which his many blessings were found. He indeed had been given help to become a powerful king. The Bible says he reigned for fifty-two years. ..yet as you read on another sentence stands out:

“But after Uzziah became powerful, his pride led to his downfall.” v.16

And here is where we learn his ending. I won’t give it away.. but, as you read about this young man who’s story is fleshed out in a small chapter of God’s word.. I pray we all might find ourselves just as Uzziah did in the beginning. Seeking the One who knew about success long before any of us ever did..and remembering of the Might and Power and Sovereignty of a God who delights in the things He creates..including you and me.



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